South Africa leads the world in mohair production, accounting for around half of the mohair produced across the globe. With 95% of the mohair tops produced in SA being exported, we saw the need to support the industry by promoting locally-produced, luxurious, soft and timeless fashion, home and décor mohair products created by South African designers.

Thus 1838 Collective was born.

1838 Collective is a place to discover the best of South Africa’s designer talent, focusing on locally-produced and ethically-made mohair products. Run by the mohair industry for the mohair industry, 1838 Collective supports and promotes designers and design studios who work with this extraordinary natural fibre to create beautiful mohair pieces.

Mohair is one of the world’s most ancient natural fibres, boasting an array of unique qualities. Lustrous, resilient and offering exceptional colour retention, this natural, renewable resource is lightweight and versatile, staying cool in summer and warm in winter. Mohair is rated one of the world’s most durable fibre, and mohair products have an innate elasticity which ensures that they hold their shape and do not crease.

Every product and brand we promote makes exclusive use of mohair and has been produced locally and with the ethical treatment of animals in mind.

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