What to Expect from the Diamond Fibre Collections

Last year saw local design studios Lukhanyo Mdingi, Judith Atelier and MmusoMaxwell showcase never-before-seen collections celebrating the luxury and versatility of mohair. Working with this extraordinary fibre to create contemporary....[Read More]

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MmusoMaxwell Arise Fashion Week

ARISE Fashion Week 2020 kicked off in December last year, with top African designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2021 collections. Focusing on the new era of local designer fashion, the theme was ’30 Under 30: The New Stars’, seeing 30 designers competing for US$500 000 in prize money [Read More]

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Pre-Order Model Article

Not only is pre-ordering the best way to secure the stunning mohair garments you want, it’s one of the best ways to support sustainable local fashion.For local design studios, many of which are small-scale, owner-run businesses, pre-orders take the guesswork out of the production process. [Read More]

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